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Youth Protection Updates - YPT

Three Fires Council prioritizes the well-being of the thousands of youth we serve every day. In order to maintain the highest level of diligence for the BSA’s Youth Protection Training (YPT), all adult leaders will now be required to have their Youth Protection training valid for the entirety of the program charter year for which they’re registering (12-month period).


For more information on the new Youth Protection Training Requirements for Recharter, please visit:


Unit level volunteers should plan to retake Youth Protection training no later than August-September 2023 to ensure compliance through October of 2024.


A member of a council committee is renewing their registration with the council on May 1, 2023. Their YPT training needs to be current through April 30, 2024, (the end of the charter period for the council).


Council and District Committee members and Commissioners (including Merit Badge Counselors) should retake Youth Protection training immediately to ensure compliance through the end of April 2024.


By ensuring every volunteer’s Youth Protection certificate is valid for the entire charter period (12 months) we can ensure 100% compliance at all times. This additional registration requirement was approved by the Three Fires Council Board of Directors at the December 2022 board meeting.


What does this mean for volunteers:


If you are a Merit Badge Counselor, or are on a District or Council Committee, or a Member at Large You MUST have YPT Training that expires AFTER April 30, 2024 completed before May 1, 2023.


If you are a volunteer with a Cub Scout Pack, Scouts BSA Troop, Crew, Ship, Post your YPT must be taken so that it expires November 1, 2024 or later.

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