Welcome to Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41 of the Three Fires Council

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Welcome to the Chippwa Chapter of Lowaneu Allanque Lodge #41

Here you can find information on events and meetings specific to our Chippewa Chapter.


Join us for the Lodge OA EBoard in person at: Bethany Lutheran Church from 7:30-9 pm on the 3rd Thursday of every month except June & July. All registered OA Scouts & Adults are welcome to attend!

LOCATION: Bethany Lutheran Church, 8 S. Lincoln St., Batavia, IL


It's my pleasure to announce that we now have our own Lodge Slack! For those of you who don't know, Slack is an alternative medium for communication that's often used by Lodges, the Section, the Region, and even National! We'll be using it to help organize our Lodge into one concise group of communications, utilizing different Channels for different purposes.


For those of you in the Chippewa or Potawatomi Chapters, you'll find that Slack isn't too different from the Discords you were previously using.


As time goes on, we'll change and improve our Slack Workspace. If you ever have any questions about Slack or any feedback for the Lodge about changes or problems you may be having, please reach out to me!


If you want to join the Slack, you can make an account (or use a pre-existing one) and join our Workspace at this link: https://join.slack.com/t/lowaneuallanquelodge/shared_invite/zt-vl6whjon-V2tGcPvSDNjxjSQEqc3wFA 



***Please note that Slack will NOT be replacing emails, it will just be another place for announcements to go, since many people are not receiving emails or don't check their emails as often. We ask that you forward this link to as many OA members as you can so we can get the Slack up and running as fast as possible, and to make sure that everyone receives the same information.***

Join us on our Chippewa Chapter's Facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/158321257515161

Chapter Chief - Tim T

Chapter Vice Chiefs - Jonathan H, Michael H

Chapter Secretary - Carter D

Chapter Adviser - Dan Vitous - dvitous@gmail.com